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a list of 26 random suggestions for DST & A Hardcore Mode

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Mike23Ua    9598

Okay so I’m going warn everyone in Advance: this thread is going to be a bit all over the place and not all ideas will tie into each other, but I will still label the Hardcore suggestions with *Hardcore labels. 
and not all of these ideas are mine, I’m just going to compile a large list of what I would like to see in the game- 

This is the LIST 26 where everyone who comments on this thread should either A: List their Own List 26, B: Comment on other peoples lists of what they do (and don’t) want to see.. or C: BOTH!! You can totally do both. :wilson_love: 

(And if you happen to be a Klei Dev you can tell us what is likely and not likely to happen for your game if you want!)

1- Nightmare Fuel should Refill Willows Lighter.

 2- Wurt should be able to equip normal Merms in Royal Armor & Gear.  

3-Wilson’s Shaved off beard hair should turn into Beardling rabbits when insane.

4- (*Hardcore) Each time Wendy Returns Abigail to her flower she rips it apart having to create a NEW Flower, and each time she loses Abigail by her side it damages Wendy’s Health Core it hurt enough losing her sister the first time..

5- Wormwood should be able to jump in Ponds to chill in it like a hot tub to passively heal himself (he is a plant after all)

6- (*Hardcore) Ponds should become Dirty when not kept clean with the Bug Net or after a Wormwood Heals in them, Bath Bombs (introduced into the game way back with the start of Return of Them) Should be needed to clean Muddy Ponds- A Muddy Pond will not allow you to Fish, Get water for Watering Cans, Jump in to heal as Wormwood, but probably will still spawn frogs.

7- the “Gardener Pardoner” this is a Passive device that waters your gardens while your out on adventure, it would be similar to a shower nozzle hanging above your garden that as long as it’s fueled.. (probably with spittle fish) Waters plants when they need watering.

8-(*Hardcore) Merm rain.. because why not?

9- Bunnymen, bunnies, Pigmen, crows etc all try to get into and eat the crops in your garden so you need to build scarecrows or something else that frightens them away.

10- (*Hardcore) Disease 2.0: Disease is back!! And any animal that eats a diseased food will become diseased and can carry that disease onto the next plant/creature/ etc it passes by, effectively turning entire biomes into hamlet style wastelands.

11- Portable Spotlights: Winona’s Spotlights are stationary pretty pointless structures.. but simply being able to pick them up and replace them elsewhere would make all the difference in the world for Winona, and to make sure it’s a Winona Exclusive item it would be like Warlys crockpot, only she can use it.

12- (*Hardcore) Magma Pools, Antlion sinkholes in summer now turn hotter and hotter till red cracks form in their surface and it collapses forming a Magma Pool in the location Magma Pools will spawn 2 Larvae from them.. OR one of the Forge event Magma Golems.

13- Floods, I’m not going to list this in the Hardcore Category because it’s a feature that ALREADY existed in the shipwrecked DLC, placing items at the edge of land near water, sometimes the water would flood out the area near that water extinguishing fires- Simple folks: don’t base near the ocean.

14- Palm Trees at the Oasis & various smaller islands, these will provide player with Coconut food source and add additional cosmetic choices for base building.

15- Elevated foundations of land letting us literally take our exploration and base building skills to new heights. :) 

16- Bridges that require placing a start and end to on both sides of a gap before you can upgrade them into fully functional bridges.

-17 (*Hardcore) with Elevated land also comes new dangers and for this in particular I would like to see earthquakes causing the land to break into gaps or even landslides causing portions of the land to collapse into the ocean.

18- Craftable Music Boxes to keep RWYS plants happy (Klei pretty much did this one to themselves with the RWYS short..)

19- Let There Be Gears! Tumbleweeds now have a higher chance to spawn an exclusive mob: The (once scrapped) Robotic Spider Pawn, it will drop 2 gears & very very rarely an electrical Doodad upon death

20- And with gears now being more easily renewable.. Let There Be Gears Part Two: WX78 can reach into its own body compartment and pull out useful stuff for teammates like gears and electrical doodads at the cost of his own health or functionality.

21- The Strongman Wolfgang uses his signature weight now to work out to maintain mighty form, but as a compromise: He no longer needs to be at a completely full belly in order to be Mighty, and can lift heavy objects and teammates with great ease while mighty form.

22- (*Hardcore) Food items no longer heal the player at all and only healing tab items and proper bed rest (both at roughly the same time) will do this. (Wicker would need to be able to sleep exclusively for this harder mode... but you get the idea)

23- Critters having actual uses that mirror their grown counterparts (obviously something lots of folks want)

24-(*Hardcore) The Dragon Scaled Furnace now needs to actually be fueled with some type of fuel source (probably the same Gems Dragonfly drops or her scales) so it isn’t a cheap infinitely burning warmth source.

25- An actual 5 chapter adventures mode like the single player game has where we can quest through 5 randomly generated gimmick filled worlds in an effort to unlock Charlie as a playable character.

26- the rest of the characters from Dont Starve Solo (Walani, Wilbur, Woodlegs, Wilba, Wheeler and Wagstaff) as playable characters in the game (they all already have a fanbase of players who Actively want to play as them Klei.. they all deserve to be in the game at some point, I would hope.

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