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Mod idea, pls someone pick this up XD

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:? sorry for reposting again and again.. seems i aleways post not in right place .. i got recommended to post this here ..

sooo...after the new farming update i began love to use warly .. since many crops is now so easy to produce and multiplied .. 
so i came across this beautiful looking desert from warly .. but wait it need butter to make it ..
i stand on my flower field and smash all butterfly that spawn . since i play mostly alone in my world butterfly also spawn less .. 2% chance is so low ...
then i saw new compost mechanic  where u add the item and it produce after long time spinning .. i like that mechanic and i think that 
it would be great if we can add something like butter churner ? using volt goat milk that we have so much from goat farm and klaus kill ?

using 5 volt goat milk (and some honey,maybe? ) for two block of butter? 
if we can use the compost bin mechanic that would be great .. that butter take time to produce 

and i know u guys will say there already mod to make butter from milk etc .. but its just .. less exciting .. 

but dont we want out master chef have more adorable red kitchen utensil ??



made from glass shard wood and gears??

sorry for my english its not my main language .. cheers !


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On 12/21/2020 at 9:11 AM, decduck3 said:

The compost bin spinning is just an animation


So you want a mod that add a structure that you put in goat milk, and out comes butter?

hmm what i see is compost bin need some time until the compost made isnt it ? 

yeah basically want new food making item for warly that  somehow blending milk to butter in some period of time so not turning to butter right away 

for the item probably will look like that butter churner irl (the attached images)


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