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New Character: Weston!

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ArcerPL    18

I see what you will ask now. "But Weston is a mod character, why would we add him to the game?" The Weston i'm talking about is NOT the cactus one, but the one, that was mentioned by one of the cast, by Woodlegs to be more specific, hear me out, Woodlegs can't be in constant since before of 'maxwell taking the throne', he is more likely mentally ill because of how long he was in constant, simillary to woody, who is also probably in constant for a long time, thus making him a legend of werebeaver.


The main thing is woodlegs most likely worked in navy, because he do mentions he had a cook (possibly warly, since warly worked on a ship once guessing by one of his quotes), other mateys and his buddy Weston. We don't know anything about him besides Woodlegs mentioning him, though it could build up the ocean lore of something more than lunar islands. Weston could be introduced as the guy who is searching for woodlegs, because woodlegs backstory could've been darker than it seems (maybe a deal with maxwell so he can finally walk again, because well, as we see both of his legs are cones, but then got ported to shipwrecked, locked in a cage, and that very isolation could've make him insane, try sitting in a cage for gods know how much without going coocoo crazy.).


So how would we make weston to be both balanced and be great at team work, but also not making him trash at solo play? Well, i have some ideas, and here you go:


150 Health

200 Sanity

175 Hunger

Pretty normal stats eh? Well, there is a part where it gets interesting though. Weston worked in a navy, so he knows very much about the ocean, thus making him pioneer of swimming, in my opinion, he would have more advanced boat tab, which includes a boat that can hold up to 3 people made out of 15 reeds, that differently than the current boats, are more like those from shipwrecked! But don't get your hopes up, boat will still have the glide like the big wood circle have, but way bigger, and you can't turn back, oars are also needed to actually move with this thing, he will also have a mast that is relatively cheap, basically 20 flower petals, 1 spider silk and many many twigs, he could even craft the trinket that king pig likes to give gold for, but you'll need 200 beefalo wool to get that (so if you are determined enough, you can get the trinket lol). However, he will start with his own steering wheel that give twice more the control over the boat than current one. The downsides of him are kind of related to woodlegs, basically he will loose sanity on land until he isn't near/covered in water, but also will loose thrice as much sanity when fighting monsters and anything that can attack him back (he is terrified of beefalos, pigs, bunnymen, merm, basically everything that will hit you back or attack for no reason, making you insane fast as hell), the only exception beeing malbatros, because when weston is on the 'ship', malbatros can't push away the 'ship' as long as there is weston steering wheel applied (so he could be great character to rush malbatros)


i think this could build up some lore not only for warly, but shipwrecked itself, if you have any proposition to change anything, comment! Ending this topic, i hope you have a good day/night out here! ^^

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