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Lunar island generation question

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Riael    6

Hello there (General Kenobi)

Every once in a while while generating maps the lunar island will appear either very close to the main land (sometimes even "choking" out a biome causing a thin main land road with two lunar island biomes on left and right) or even connected to the main land by a land bridge. 

I've looked through some scripts related to either the map gen or the rooms and can't figure out what exactly causes this to happen. 

Someone on reddit said a few months ago that he looked at the code and that it was a 10% chance for it to be close to the main land and a 1% chance for it to be connected to the main land.. 

What is the script that allows this to happen? 

Edited by Riael
Made the title look more like the content. Since I'm not only asking about retrofitting.

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