Not receiving daily gift on PS5

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Dunk Mujunk    2077

I regularly have the pop-up not show when I log into the game, but the new item is shown in the recently received gifts list. Not sure if this is the case for you, but take a look at your gift list before and after the next server refresh. You can also check your rewards page here on the forums. Your transaction list will show all items received, weaved, unweaved etc.

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Mj-    183

Sadly this was happening since (186) update back in August, though the Dev's did respond with:


This is caused by an occasional problem with the local inventory cache, it's also been happening on Steam recently and the team is looking into it. As some players have already noted, it's usually resolved when you inventory changes again, either by getting an in-game drop, redeeming points, etc. We're also looking at adding a way for you to manually force your inventory to refresh so you don't have to wait for one of these events.

If you do have this problem, it might be helpful if you visited this page (while you are still 'broken') and show us the last 5 or so transactions.

Hopefully in the future will get the fix. :)

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