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Threekwa and Frlax

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Szczuku    14687

Klei please, I am BEGGING you.

Allow us to befriend Threekwa and Frlax if we spare them. They're such a cool characters and we only see them once.

If not in the Rook's story them maybe an appearance in Smith's since Jakes Assasins are already there

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ZeppMan217    290

You can befriend them in the Brawl, though seeing them in the bar, let alone being able to afford their friendship, is down to RNG. It also wouldn't make sense for Rentorian assassins to hang around in Pearl, given the Rentorian quest you get from Tei.

Thought honestly, Klei will probably need to adjust out of combat boss encounters across the board, unless it's their intention to make the 100% Compendium achievement unobtainable without cheating.

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