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[Crash] Bramble Husk & Blunderbuss crashing the game


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I play on the Steam version of Don't Starve and came across 2 crashes in the game

The steps to recreating the Bramble Husk crash is:
-Befriend a Wildbore
-Get hit by an enemy while wearing the Bramble Husk with the Wildbore nearby

Initially I thought this was because of the mod I created that modified the Bramble Husk a bit but after disabling it looks like It's the game itself having this issue.


Steps to recreating the Blunderbuss crash is:
-Play with a controller
-Equip a loaded Blunderbuss
-Force the attack animation with the attack button then get this error:


How I got this crash was when I was in the ruins in RoG and I shot a Splumonkey that was chasing me but it got out of my attack range and fired at nothing.

It makes me wonder if this happens on the console versions of Hamlet.



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