Could the Ancient Chest accept Juicy Berries for the Relic Blueprints?

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JazzyGames    700

Today on my survival world I went to the Ancient chest in the ruins to obtain the six replica relic blueprints and I learned that the two combinations that require regular berries will not accept juicy berries. Is there a chance that could be changed to accommodate worlds such as mine that do not generate with regular berry bushes?

I realize that there are alternative sources of regular berries such as tumbleweeds and catcoons, but it seems like these particular ingredients were not intended to be difficult to acquire and grinding tumbleweeds for berries seems like an unusual side task to unlock these blueprints.

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Blue Moth    4032

There is a way to obtain regular berries in juicy berry worlds. To my observation, certain setpieces, like a pig village with regular bushes, tend to spawn in juicy berry worlds.

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