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Crash on loading savegame

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Roodkapje    2

I reported this bug before, months ago, and it is still there ! Update version 1.16 now. To repeat : it seems to be some catastrophic issue related to the Moose/Goose egg. It seems to go like this : at some point, after weeks of playing without issue, I hear a new Moose/Goose 'landing' outside my view, I continue my business, then after a while if I get near to where the Moose/Goose landed : crash. Reload game. Fine until I get near where Moose/Goose is, then : crash. No Moose/Goose egg in sight by the way (maybe that's the issue ...).

In addition, if I now load an old savegame, that I haven't played for months, and has Reign of Giants enabled, and a Moose/Goose living in it (I think this one is very near my base) : crash. Fully repeatable. Crashes every time. I can no longer play this particular savegame. And it seems to be roughly the same error as in the other game. Screenshot of this old game's crash attached.


Don't Starve_ Console Edition_20201121032049.jpg

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