Auto Sweeper Not Picking Up Eggs

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timmy-t    1

I have an autoloader in my hatch ranch set to pick up any hatchling eggs, sage hatchling eggs, or stone hatchling eggs and load it on a conveyer. There's a sage hatchling egg in the stable but it's not being picked up. Any ideas?


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JRup    132

I would dare say that the loader you're trying to use is out of reach... Also the range shown for the autosweeper is correct.



A way to fix this is to build the loader one tile to the left, vertically and sandwiched between the statue and the door. The basket drawing in the loader's building is the tile of interest that will receive any items shipped to it.

Or you can also build the loader inside the pen next to the sweeper.

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occamrazor    28

Like @JRup said - your loader is out of range. The sweeper's shaded reach needs to hit the tile with the fat end of the loader. Rotate it 90 degrees clockwise so the arrow points down and peeks out below the airflow tile.

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