stranger again

just changing my pfp don't mind me

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stranger again    510

well this is a off topic sub forum i don't know if youre meant to talk about video games here but hey if what im doing here is wrong(you know making a thread) well its already too late

so ive been on the forums a while and ive revealed some info about myself so some people wouldn't call me a "stranger"anymore so while i am changing my pfp i can't change my name yet i have to wait till January for that

so ive been watching a lot of the dream smp and theres this one guy for anyone who doesn't know his name is jshlatt i despise him a LOT (not the REAL jshlatt but is in game persona)but i gotta admit is character is one the cutest things ever and im gonna use it as my pfp

i guess ill leave some questions so this thread isnt utterly there any way to change your name without having wait 365 days?can you ask the forum moderators if you can change your name?what if i had a typo in my name would the moderators let me change my name?

i don't really know why you clicked on this thread but hey thanks 


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stranger again    510
On 11/16/2020 at 4:05 AM, ImDaMisterL said:

Moving this to the Klei services area.

I unfortunately can't help with that, you'll need to contact a forum administrator!

how and which one should i contact?

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