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Wagstaff and cook

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First the topic of cooking, it is a bit annoying to press the ps4 button every time you have to cook something so they should put that with holding down everything cooks automatically Second, Wagstaff: It is one of my favorites but I would like it to have more things and be more balanced.

1) In the "General Discussion" area I had already put it but I will put it again. That hates the rustic and primitive. Example: The grass armor makes you uncomfortable and you will not want to put it on, the same with the wooden one and the ham bat and the spear.

2) It has negative things to be so old, that is to say that it hits less and cannot carry something as heavy as a marble armor and the pig backpack.

3) Now your bonuses: In your tinkering tab you have machines like Winona, such as a generator, lanterns, robots like a kind of drone at short distance, a guardian robot, a robot that explodes when it dies, also its weapons at distances and melee just for Him like a ray gun, a neon or gear armor, or one of those, I don't know what they are called. I think it's SWAT?

4) Now if he is more OP but he will also have problems with his creations: In the rain the robots are useless, their armor and pistols can be used with energy only (solar, nuclear, thermal, etc.) the hunger will decrease like Wolfgang, it will be weaker, it will take more damage or something.

5) The last thing is his hairstyle, it is not ugly but it makes the caps, hats, helmets and everything that he wears on his head surreal as they stick a helmet on his hairstyle, fix that. Well that's it, I think that this will be put as a pc mod than on console because I see that it is still a bit unbalanced xd. But hey, if you have ideas to take away, improve, add something to it, don't leave them saved, tell me, to make sure it doesn't break the game xd

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