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Dst Nevoart

Find Lunar Island with only Telelocator! (Contest)

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Dst Nevoart    18

Tired of sailing? Standing on the round, flat wooden plank which they call boat?
Join me in this fun little (contest?) to find the lunar island using only telelocator staff!

Since the new update provides unlimited save slots and instantly transferable world / save file, let's have some funs with it.


World generated on 24/10/2020 (the first try since the conception of this idea)


10X telelocator staffs
5X glommer goops
1X walking cane
1X eyebrella


1. After pick up all of items, spam telelocator staffs on the same spot.
2. You can only move when you have taken any damage!  (nightmare creatures, etc)
3. No lights! Spam telelocators to give you lights!
4. If died, use console to revive >>   c_spawn("amulet")


Tell us if you have reached Lunar Island and how many telelocator staffs you used!

World creation and Contest Guide:

Save File / World (Google Drive link):

Instant Transfer Save File Guide [Save Slots REVAMP 2020] :

Tries Counts Tabulation (Google Form):

items to lunar island.png

lunar island telelocator.png

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