How would I mod in a new type of chester?

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AndRay    20

Disclaimer: newbie here. I'll give a few quick thoughts but I might be wrong.

Changing Chester's state is just a matter of adding the corresponding morph functions to its prefab (you need a function to handle the morph itself, say, MorphNewStateChester, and you need to change canMorph and MorphChester so your transformation doesn't get skipped, and onPreLoad so Chester doesn't revert after a load.)

The main trouble is the "hack" the code uses to transform it to the clients. The game uses a net variable and it seems to be a boolean (so, only two states), so you have to add another variable to account for your transformation, and wire it up so it's properly listened to and triggers the right change.

That last step is a bit shaky, because weirdly Snow Chester does not need to be "net-hacked" in the same way.

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