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Regenerated "main world" after leaving caves


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    When leaving a cave on day 211 the "main world" was regenerated. With my base and all my items gone and a totally new unexplored map.

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The same thing happened to me and that bothered me VERY MUCH I was in the 70th day or there I went from the cave to the ruins exploring until when I went back to the caves a new one was generated and to top it off the surface too, oh by the way the Entrance to the ruins disappeared, I left on day 88 and I know it is not much but the fact that this bug EXISTS already makes me think what is the cause of this horrible bug: H-A-M-L-E-T

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On 10/21/2020 at 12:42 AM, JanH said:

Sorry for the inconvenience - unfortunately this issue was not fixed in the recent PS4 update. We have all the information we need on it and are looking into a fix coming in a future patch. It is not a small fix, so we didn't want to hold the other fixes waiting for it. Thanks for your patience.


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