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Switch version's rog cave bug (hamlet updated)


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Hi there, I'm having a lot of problems with the cave after hamlet got updated

The most major issue I encountered was after saving and exiting in both cave and ruins, when I tried to load the playthrough again I was given the NS death screen (a error occured and software was closed). I almost always had it in different playthroughs and some only occured a few times and some are permanent.

Second was entering ruins freeze, game freezes and just keeps looping the crafting sound, at least restarting can fix it.

Third was a weird climate issue, the overworld season in my playthroughs are fine now actually, it progresses naturally with days passed. The issue starts when I entered a second cave, which the season inside was summer for some reason, both the first cave and overworld are both at autumn at that time.

I have lost many playthroughs due to the death screen, a few minor bugs I can tolerate but please help me with the death screen issue.

Thank you

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