What is your game plan when playing Wurt?

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kNichael    20
Just now, Misa22 said:

On top of everything people pointed out, I just have a mini-tip regarding stone fruit farming:

Befriend 2-3 merms and let them "mine" the fruit stacks for you, they will eat a couple fruits but you are not gonna need all of them anyway. 

Other thing i don't see players doing is removing the swamp turf once you have built merm structures (this is subjective, since swamp turf is kinda "meh" looking). So you carry 1 swamp tile and you can plant houses wherever you want, then you pitchfork it back. 

I already use the first tip, but the second is definitely helpful but I prefer merm buildings to be built on marsh turf. Nevertheless I will not forget that second tip. Thank you :D.


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