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Switch edition world gen

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Robinn57    0



Version: 1.05

All of the world gen setting except for Giants are only able to go to to none, less, and default now.  Two weeks ago I could get most world gen options up to more and it ran fine but now with hamlet out world options seem reduced.  Really hope it's a bug.

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Maleso    0

Hi, I have exactly the same Issue. Just before the last update I was able to change all world setting. Now I can't. 

I send twitter message to Klei and this is their answer : "Hey, sorry we're aware of an issue with the world generation options that came with the Hamlet update on the Nintendo Switch. Our porting partner is working to correct the issue and we will have an update out as soon as it's ready."

I hope they will update the game soon. 

I read somewhere that it's probably caused by the limit of Switch's processor. I hope it's not  !

Will see ;)


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