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sinisterrkid    1491

HUGE shoutout to caring people. The gaming industry All industries are so messed up that playing Don't Starve makes me feel game-vegan or something. Keep carrying that torch, folks.

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Maskaljen    25
On 9/27/2020 at 10:35 PM, JoeW said:

I am going to try to say this clearly because if feels like people just aren't putting the pieces together. When things like this happen, game companies can end up with horribly mixed signals and eventually go down paths you ultimately do not like. 

Us doing The Forge and The Gorge were extremely successful, people loved them and we saw huge spikes in player numbers. These events also required the entire team to focus on them, not just the artists and designers, but also the backend and additional support teams. It required our constant attention throughout the entire event. It wasn't like normal content where once it is released we can move on to new things. 

I have missed both of those events but I appreciate and respect this reply so much. It is extremely rare these days for devs to keep their player base up-to-date and educated about the future of the game, the decision making process or just any behind the scenes. If not anything else (there is loads more) then this is the reason I will keep supporting this game, the mutual respect of the player base and the developers of the game. Eventhough I already bought some skins this update, I'm gonna go back to the store today and throw a bit more :greedy_dollars: at DST :wilson_goodjob:

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MrNaxeros    525

Your business practices are the reason why I mindlesly throw money at you by buying skin packs even though I play the game once a year. You are the gem among the pile of garbage that deserves all of the support.

As much as I would wish to have the last event "Gorge season 2" I simply cannot ask you to make it given what it would cost.

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