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TheHollowKnight    1957
1 minute ago, Instant-Noodles said:

Stagecraft (Weaponized Warble / Fireproof Falsetto / Heartrending Ballad / Startling Soliloquy / Rude Interlude / Bel Canto of Courage / Clear Minded Cadenza)

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battlesong_durability.gif.54d4dacc274f869971e3c11e8a76f6c3.gif battlesong_fireresistance.gif.556481c066b609e704bc9b6c25910104.gif battlesong_healthgain.gif.e00b80e7f2120ccda1056c476b4080e3.gif battlesong_instant_dropattack.gif.ef91325d1c6ad10922d2f0e5f8bb9c3b.gif battlesong_instant_electric.gif.705eb524db2e06cb040d33462d30beb8.gif battlesong_instant_panic.gif.b59fcae62b9d6963dea6e4a2de3f7af9.gif battlesong_instant_taunt.gif.09186abd847549709c270e5d2595585f.gif battlesong_sanityaura.gif.0cdddf942e4db7dbf85c02da09c68d08.gif battlesong_sanitygain.gif.4ffbca4f338fd1ed210a987b770ae3eb.gif

Wigfrid's Unique Idle

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Wigfrid Singing / Wigfrid Singing on Beefalo

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wathgrithr_quote.gif.3ac548aff27c3ac665303249f42c54d7.gif wathgrithr_sing.gif.9b3a41be32dc1b712351f60b4b18b7bc.gif wathgrithr_singfail.gif.a76297e0b52165f38059f22af2cc13f2.gif

wathgrithr_mount_quote.gif.90a06bde042a5f5a4c975fb2a0fd2dcd.gif  wathgrithr_mount_sing.gif.c6c4fd0e765320ba41acc112c9e924ee.gif wathgrithr_mount_singfail.gif.f1fd26e04987813505b81a7f52594b63.gif

In-Game Store Portraits (Wigfrid Deluxe Wardrobe / Wigfrid Winged Victory Chest / Starter Pack 2020)

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wathgrithr_deluxe.thumb.png.ae87e67f72f7132ad12c9937ab2c1349.png valkyrie_items.thumb.png.62d3691dc225cc49c9f44121f6d1fb8c.png starter_2020.thumb.png.d7250b32b0ee1aa07a5e29086bd8ca36.png

Wigfrid Portrait & Quote (Winged Victory)

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wathgrithr_valkyrie = "\"The stage is set för my rise tö glöry!\"",



Her feet seem to float while singing. She needs some help.

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smeagolheart    71
24 minutes ago, Szczuku said:


Well, well, well a name. Censored but a name nonetheless.

She seems a little young to be a washed up actress with no future.

What is she like 15?  Early 20s?  She can recover without making deals with the devil.  Hahah...

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Blueleaf12    1959

So I got about 25 inspiration from a Koelephant, compared to a solid 2 from killing a butterfly.

Also for those that use the global pause mod, it doesn’t pause how fast inspiration drops (yet). 

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TheAscension    51

Very nice update!!! I hope that the Halloween chest will be on sale this Halloween. I need Wigfrid-deerclops for complete collection. 

Edited by TheAscension
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minespatch    79860
1 hour ago, Jason said:


As someone who just re-read all my volumes of fullmetal alchemist, this shocked me. How much has Klei been following me?:wilson_ecstatic:

56 minutes ago, Instant-Noodles said:

Wigfrid Singing wathgrithr_singfail.gif.a76297e0b52165f38059f22af2cc13f2.gif

Looks like she's beatboxing to Walter's "glommer guts" song.:wilson_ecstatic:


Eyyyy, that headline looks familiar.





I didn't write the comic but kind of interesting @_catness_called it. Yet her version had a bit more pressure.



Er... Did Jouste's style and Griftlands get meshed?:wilson_ecstatic:

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