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Need help with using AddComponentPostInit() to add to Class(function(...))

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Nappy    0

So I have been working with understanding PostInit() because it seems like the most advantageous way to edit components so that on future patches the mod stays viable.  I have had success adding new component functions AND replacing old component functions using AddComponentPostInit().  However, now I am trying to add a variable to the Class of a component function and could use some help.  The example of what I have successfully done by editing a Component file was to add this to component/childspawner ...

local Childspawner = Class(function(self, inst)

... self.rarechild1 = nil
    self.rarechild2 = nil
    self.rarechild3 = nil
    self.rarechildchancex3 = 0.1  ...end)


function ChildSpawner:SetRareChildx3(childname1, childname2, childname3, chance)
    self.rarechild1 = childname1
    self.rarechild2 = childname2
    self.rarechild3 = childname3
    self.rarechildchancex3 = chance


function ChildSpawner:SpawnChild(target, prefab, radius)

...if self.rarechild1 and math.random() < self.rarechildchancex3 then
        local pickrarechild = math.random(1,3)
        if pickrarechild == 1 then
            childtospawn = self.rarechild1
        elseif pickrarechild == 2 then
            childtospawn = self.rarechild2
        elseif pickrarechild == 3 then
            childtospawn = self.rarechild3
    end  ... end

Thus, using ComponentsPostInit() I have figured out how to add function ChildSpawner:SetRareChildx3 and edit already existing function ChildSpawn:SpawnChild, BUT I NEED HELP adding to the Class(Function(...)) the variables I am calling to save the 3 different rare children please.  THANKS!


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Nappy    0

Solved: For those interested, I found my answer by looking at this post:

I did not use the hack, but it helped me understand AddClassPostConstruct() and I used...

AddClassPostConstruct("components/childspawner", function(self)
    self.rarechild1 = nil
    self.rarechild2 = nil
    self.rarechild3 = nil
    self.rarechildchancex3 = 0.1


I do have another question for you other modders out there, do you know how to reduce the amount of text I am replacing with AddComponentPostInit()?  As it is, for components.childspawner:SpawnChild(), there are 90+ lines of code, but I only need to add 10 lines of code and I am not altering anything already written.  However, the way I am using AddComponentPostInit() I am replacing the whole function when really I just wanted to add these few lines of code to it.  Just hit me back if you know how to do this, thx!


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