Game permanently frozen upon entering Ruins [Switch]

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missbeasty    0

My first time entering the Ruins, ever, and it killed my save file. :( After generating the ruins, the scene opened and the game froze while the rope was still unfurling. For some reason, the bell sound that occurs when you pick up the resources to craft something played continuously, once a second, with no other audio. I waited some time, but the screen remained frozen and the bong..  bong... bong sound persisted. I force quit and restarted the game a couple of times. The save file starts off at the moment I enter the ruins, and freezes a second later at exactly the same frame, with exactly the same strange audio. 


Platform: Switch. Software up to date as of this post.

Playing as Webber. I had a few spider followers, a spitter and 3 or 4 cave spiders. Save file reads "RoG / Cave Depth 2". World generation settings were set to default. I can't see the day cycle, but I was probably about 30 days in.

Equipped: miner hat (86%) , backpack, tentacle spike (67%). And a sweet silk beard. For some reason, there's a rising wetness indicator also. 

Inventory: cut grass (33), tentacle spike (100%), axe (55%), twigs (11), football helmet (74%), light bulbs (8, green), logs (18), pickaxe (64%), walking cane, torch (62%), flint (36), bat bat (60%), thermal stone (yellow), guano (4), jerky  (4, green), rocks (11), thulecite (1), and thulecite pieces/bits/whatever (2)


This is the second time in a week I've had a save file killed by a bug like this. (The other one was the Shipwrecked volcano bug.) I'm gonna have to take a break from Switch edition until some of these issues are ironed out. :(

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