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Hurricanes and Rain-o-meter upgrade in DST

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I have been playing Shipwrecked a lot (again) and thought of stuff that could be added to DST. It would be cool to have some events that pop up every 3-4 years. Unlike the other seasons, hurricanes come rarely after a few years and overtakes the current season but only lasts for half of it.

Rain-o-meter upgrade:

-players should be able to craft an item that they can place in the rain o meter to upgrade it, same as how you can upgrade the sail

-the upgrade should be able to detect a hurricane coming and alert the players 2 days before the hurricane arrives.

Spring hurricane:

-Heavy rain

-Strong winds

-Sealnado or a Moosegoose that does the same spin attack as her babies

-Waves in the sea ??

Winter hurricane:

-Blizzard (slightly decreased vision not as punishing as hamlet.can still be countered by desert goggles or new ski goggles )

-snow will build up on machines/structures making them unusable unless people remove the snow.

-Temperature drops a lot more than usual (RIP willow)

-Yeti boss or Mrs. klaus (replaces Deerclops for that year)

Super hurricane variant:

-trees will be felled

-most plants will be uprooted

-machines will break from the strong wind

-if its winter the sea will freeze and boats will be unusable (I know this is crazy)

-flooding in the caves


no hurricanes during autumn and summer because I think autumn is safe season and should let the players wind down from all the chaos and having a hurricane in summer would cancel out the heat and would defeat the whole purpose of that season. also I couldn't think of anything that would fit summer.

Hurricanes should be like a "buff" to spring and winter and should keep new players and old ones on their toes.

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Pootis Bird    105

Great Idea! Here are my suggestions:


Rainometer Upgrade: Honestly I don't think it should have to be upgraded. It kinda sucks rn but if klei added hurricanes like these it would indirectly buff it. Maybe let it give a more detailed report by reading it.


Spring Hurricane: Great idea! I love the suggestion about moosegoose doing the mosling spin attack. Maybe the honk would be replaced be that or it would shoot a weather pain hurricane at you whenever it honks.


Winter Blizzard: Again, excellent idea. Ms Klaus would be a nice change from the average deerclops. Maybe has less health than klaus but deals more damage, and also summons another klaus if you dont kill it quickly. Yeti might be a good miniboss. Basically if you don't wear anything that counters blizzards at dusk/night or are not near a fire (but not light) it could spawn and attack you after a few shadows u can see as a warning. Also maybe give an upgrade for the cat cap that lets you see in blizzards and also gives you 240 insulation. That would be cool.


Super Hurricane: A bit too intense in my opinion. Maybe it could be triggered via a certain action.


Overall suggestions to hurricane mechanics:


How long it should happen for: Each hurricane should happen for roughly 2/5 of the season it happens in.


All walls should block winds. Wood and hay walls would take damage from winds. Stone, thulecite and moon rock walls should completely block winds.


Winona could be given a wind generator that (you guessed it) powers her buildings during a hurricane/blizzard.


Winds should slow you down when walking against them. Thinks like the dapper vest/desert googles/cat cap/sleek hat/windbreaker should counter this.


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