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Owlrus    3790

I like these ideas, they seem very useful while also not being overpowered. Although I will say I like the ideas for Vargling and Giblet from another post better (where feeding Giblet gives seeds like a birdcage and Vargling helps you figure out what creature the suspicious dirt pile leads to).

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The Letter W    5558

I always thought they should have a sanity boost at least since it's your little friend you're taking care of. That being said, GlomGlom's would have to be higher to compensate should that be its perk.

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AlternateMew    616

I like all of them. All of these are good.

There'd be a reason to choose a pet based on playstyle instead of just 'Mothling or vanity'. I don't think it would be a bad thing to give pets tiny, utilities like this. Varglings for the disorganized. Kittykits for the shadow hunters. Broodlings and Ewelets for the trophy hunters. Giblets for the farmers. Glomglom for "sharing" Glommer.

I mean, I love my little Mothling, don't get me wrong. But I have zero incentive to choose any pet that isn't Mothling because Mothling is the only one who does something.

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Mike23Ua    7771

Kitty kit is a small version of a Catcoon. What do actual Catcoons do? Pounce stuff! like one shot birds and butterflies 

If you want to add abilities to pets... consider watching how the animals that you create said pet from behaves first.

Cats would be excellent at killing birds, butterflies, Wortox..

Vargling which is just a smaller version of a Hound would be able to sniff out the direction of Hunt trails, because it’s a dog and that’s what dogs do.

But as far as the rest of them.. I have no clue what use to give them- maybe let the chicken eat loose seeds passively as a way of cleaning them up on your map without you having to go around picking them up yourself, And to occasionally drop a feather? 

For the Baby Ewecus I would erase his Snot Powers and just make him like Minecraft’s sheep (able to passively produce Wools over time that can be shaved off)

As critters stand NOW they seem to be a mostly useless purely cosmetic addition to the game- But ever since Year of the Carrat (the one pet that actually FELT like a Pet..) I’ve wanted a Critters Overhaul.

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