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Initial Deck Upgrade Variance - Destroy

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Hi again,

Just wanted to note that while playing the variance in hitting Destroy as an upgrade felt like a huge outlier compared to the other card upgrades. The random element of hitting a Destroy upgrade only feels like an interesting choice on cards that have synergy with the deck (like Fast Talk in a diplomacy deck) but on say a Threaten or a Kick (which I universally loathe) it feels like either:

  • If you get the Destroy, a no-brainer and a massive power boost.
  • If you don't get Destroy, you've retroactively "wasted" time playing this card and keeping it in your deck, when you could have removed it at a shop.

I'd much prefer any of the following:

  1. Destroy is removed from the upgrade pool and the cost of card removal, and the starting cards, are balanced accordingly.
  2. Destroy is removed, but instead of rebalancing the cards and cost, removal of upgraded cards has a low or zero fee.
  3. Destroy is always a third option of upgrading cards.
  4. The upgrade choices of cards with random upgrade choices are visible in your deck.


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