[DST] Modding help! DST Custom Character with Transformations

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YoBro    0

It's been about 3 years since I last made a post since I got out of my DST phase. Now I'm back into it and rearing to go again.

I need some mod help with this one character I'm making. I'll run through the deets;

  • He's apathetically empathetic. He'll more than happily damage enemies but won't kill them. (With the exception below)
  • If he puts on a mask he'll """transform""" to then be able to kill enemies (Also wanting to make him automatically equip it and stay equipped if he goes insane.)
  • Loses Sanity/Stats when killing an enemy.

If there's anything more that I need to provide to explain myself then please lemme know, I hope I get a reply and a bit of help! I'll be grateful for it c:

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