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Ben Crux's Steam Bug Journal

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BenCrux    10

I'll post anything I run into bug wise here, Sorry I didn't see any other topics that were addressing the bugs and anything I think may be out of place.


The Selection arrows on the character Screen are blurry past 1600x900 @60Hz the arrows are blurry.

In Game:

First Play through: Two large islands spawned next to each other leaving a small gap that you can't cross, it looked odd.


Chest Bugs:

1. Once you place the chest when you move around and bump into the chest you can nudge it around the area.

2. When you walk away from an opened chest it wouldn't close and you can put items into the box or take them even though your on the other side of a big island.

That's all I've found thus far. I'll be back with more later if I find any more.

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