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[Npc Idea] Bogger Merchant

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Szczuku    17820

Lil concept art



She's an ex-Bogger who found out how to use and benefit from the Bog's parasites. In her dialogue she'd call the Boggers 'fools who think that worshiping the Bog will do them any good'.

Met durring random encounter in Rook's and Sal's runs.

Rook's run- you can talk to her and learn that she's an ex-Bogger etc., y'know, lore. She notes that Rook's already infected and offers to sell a graft which cuts all parasite cards' exp needed to hatch in half.

Sal's run- you can talk with her, again, lore. She'll offer you a way to buy her wares. You'll have to accept a battle parasite card 'Dormant Bog Brain' and then hatch it. You'll have an option to purchase the graft I mentioned earlier. The card itself works the same as Secrets of the Deep Bog, you play it but it does nothing, only difference is that it costs 1 action and not 2. After hatching it the card disappears (same as hatched flead egg). After that you get another random encounter and the Bogger Merchant will allow you to buy her stuff. Her wares include cards from hatched Secrets of the D.B. and also some item cards.

Some dialogue I made up:


What's up with your eyes? They don't look like awerage kra'deshi's.

That's just one of many benefits those parasites bring.
I can see your bones, you know.

That's concerning


Greeting hunter. Do you wish to become stronger?

I'm already in the process of becoming stronger.
But I assume you have some stuff to sell, so go on.

I do, but in order to use it you'll have to... adapt properly.

The weird-looking kra'deshi pulls out a jar filled with various parasites.


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