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A Random Furry    222

This takes place a couple days before my first post on this sub-forum

So, I had been playing on this Xbox server called "Hello Everyone, I'm new", and this story starts about 5ish days before Deerclops

We had a Wendy (The host/new guy), a Wigfrid (me), a Webber, and a Wormwood

And a couple days before Deerclops, a Wickerbottom had joined, which was welcome

Now, there was something strange about her, though, she never mentioned books, and never even used one. This should have been a big red flag

But I digress, we had bigger worries on our hands, specifically, Deerclops. 

Skip to a couple days later, and it was time to fight Deerclops

So I told everyone to gather their food, and follow me, and I guess the Griefer decided it was her time to shine

Round 1: We try to fight him, We all die

Round 2: A Wortox Joins, I was gonna play the pan flute, Got killed by the spiders Webber planted too close to base

Round 3: I succeed in playing the pan flute, and no one Dies

Once at base, I tell everyone to put the food they got back in the fridge, and that's when I notice something is awry

"Whoever took the carrots, put them back" (We had 53 carrots)

No response, and no carrots

Skip to a couple of days later, and I see Wickerbottom eating alot out of the fridge

No biggie, someone probably put some cactus flesh in there

But I decided to check anyways

 "Did you eat ALL the meatballs"

Someone correctly Accused Wicker, and everyone realised

There Was A Griefer Among Us

The chat quickly devolved into everyone accusing Wicker, and her trying to defend herself, which quickly got burried by everyone telling Wendy to ban her

Once she realized her cover was blown, she promptly set the Alchemy Engine aflame, but a Ban and Roll Back quickly followed, before it it turned day

The meatballs were back in the fridge, the Alchemy Engine was intact, and everyone was happy

The carrots were still missing, but it was still a win

And I found 13 of the carrots a couple days later, so I guess this story has a happy ending

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Impades    3
On 8/31/2020 at 8:21 PM, Lbphero said:

plot twist: it was actually the wendy framing the wickerbottom ooooOoOOOoOOO

Follow up on the plot twist: The Wendy ate most of the carrots to heal up from the spiders close to base.

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