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Birchnut Trees Audio Bug


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Do you use mods?

Yes, however the bug was also observed without mods.

Version Number

Rev. 428553

Issue title

Birchnuts cause weird ambient sounds.

Steps to reproduce

Wait by a birchnut until it grows or a cluster of leaves falls off. It then becomes a source of ambient sound/music.

Describe your issue

After the most recent hotfix (8/28/20) birchnut trees now cause a loud ambient sound/music. I am unfamiliar with what this sound is. It sounds like something you would hear while underground. Birchnut trees would begin playing this sound anytime they played a passive animation (leaves ruffling and falling off or growing to the next stage).

At first I thought it was the server I was playing on, so I went to test it on a private server and it was still there.

Then I disabled all of my mods. The sound would still play on birchnut trees.

I restarted my game several times throughout but the bug persists.

This did not occur before the recent hotfix which appears to involve birchnut trees.

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