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A Nome-enclated Guide to the art & craft of the Potato Cup


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Hi everyone, are you feeling bored or... creative ? Well I might have something for you today :

In 5 easy steps, from stuff you have at home, to make a timeless item just for and by yourself... the Potato Cup.

Without further ado, grab your favorite tuber and enjoy the read !


I - What do you need ?


Obviously, a potato, big enough to carve it and a balanced base so it can stand on one of the edge.


< THIS is the original Potato Cup created, designed and directed by @nome.

It appear that the potato variety used here is the Almond potato, which has a generous width.

I could be wrong but I can't identify any better candidate from this image. :wilson_curious:

Unfortunately, I only have 2 varieties of potato at home so I'll be using a Belle de Fontenay for this guide... you probably have an idea of its origin,

they're kinda small and thin but lucky me I've found one that could do the job !



Next up, the tools !



I used 4 different to be quick and precise, but not all are required :

- a knife (safety first)

- a potato peeler

- and a large + a small spoon, serrated if possible

II - Slice and polish


So let's start over and ask yourself the question : how long to you want it to be ? I would recommand to cut just after the maximal diameter of your potato, probably the half but it can be more such as this one.









Once you have something satisfying and make sure the top is flattened, get your potato peeler to sharpen the outline and get rid of the exceeding parings.



This is what you should have at the moment, a clean good looking sliced potato... nothing complicated right ?

Now get yourself the spoons cause you're gonna dig into that potato !

III - We need to go deeper


Before actually carving the inside of the potato, you should mark the minimal thickness to maintain from the ends (0.5cm) so the cup can handle your solid grip when finished... or it will probably get crushed and this topic isn't about mashed potato !



I used the serrated spoon for more precision, but honestly even a toothpick can do the job.

Now you can actually begin diggin' with the big spoon, slowly, gently, this is how Potato Cup flesh is taken.






This will probably require you to excavate 3 different chunks, don't get too hasted or you will eventually damage the bottom, just twist the spoon and pull to the center to detach the chuck.

IV - Cleaning up


Once you're done carving the cup, I would suggest cleaning the inside a bit before we celebrate !




Use the serrated spoon or whatever you used to mark the top on the third segment to remove all the tiny bits remaining.






I bet your cup looks neat right now but as potatoes can be juicy sometime, it wouldn't be a bad idea to dry it and collect the last debris with a napkin like so,

push it inside and scrub the bottom, corners and the top...

V - All done, congratulation !


You have mastered the art of the Potato Cup and made one by yourself ! (I hope you did, feel free to share yours if so)


Once last thing as nothing should go to the wastes, please do something useful from your potato chunks !

I can assure you, roasting your extra Potato Cup pieces can make someone happy... my two little fellas agreed at least.



Cheers ! :wilson_love:


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