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Quick liquid bypass question.

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JRup    79


I'm currently just getting started with liquid bypass pumps... So this is mainly out of curiosity... Didn't want to necro the whole liquid bypass pump thread so instead here's the setup that leads to the question:

There's a bypass extracting hot CO2 So I've set the base liquid with naptha... Currently, petro is dripping on it to activate the "pump"

Per the original thread if using 0.1g droplets the dripped liquid will disappear.


What would happen should water be used... Temperature is well over evaporation point for water.



No potato so here's a scheming Mi-Ma:






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nakomaru    1668

Water is okay if you are using the 1T max variant. I use water to bypass a cool steam vent into a turbine chamber. Obviously, if you are using the submerged variant, there will be nothing to submerge it in.

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