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Clifford W.

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Clifford W.    319

The Following items received an visual update:



Blowdarts | Blowdart Pipe

Straw Bedroll | Fur Bedroll

Book used in reading animation

Endothermic Fire particle and fire particle



Nature: Lightning, Beardling

Structures: Firepit, Endothermic Firepit,Marble Rook, Chesspeice Minotaur (Stone, Moonglass)

Hats | Helmets: Wigfrid Helm, Cookie Cutter hat, 

Armor: Marble Armor, Grass Armor

Tools: Napsack, Beefalo Brush

Weapons: Hambat, Wigfrid Spear, Weather Pain, Trident, Whip, Boomerang, Morning Star, Bee mine

Walls: Wood, Ruins, Hay, Moonrock, Stone


Aug, 22nd

Pan Flute

Non-equipped Staves 




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