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An option to dismiss allies

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ZeppMan217    365

Specifically, allies that you hire or friends that volunteered to accompany you in the Campaign. You can't heal em by eating, so whatever damage they sustain in combat carries over between fights. This makes keeping allies alive rather difficult, especially on Rook's Day 3 vs Flekfis/Arint, and their deaths could result in a loss of valuable social boons. 

The same system used for pets could be repurposed for other allies: you'd just take em to your room and tell em to sit back and relax. Some allies are supposed to leave you before the end of the day, so they could leave a note saying they had to skedaddle when you come back.

Alternatively, maybe we could be allowed to heal allies outside of combat by feeding em? It'd still cost gold to do so and they could suffer negative consequences in combat depending on the amount of food they had to eat. For example, if they were fed 2 times before they fight, they would start the fight with 2 Impair.

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