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RageLeague    1493
28 minutes ago, Kevin said:

Ask me sometime when this is all over about the logistics of large-scale software projects written in dynamically typed scripting languages. I HAVE OPINIONS. :)


can i ask it now? actually, I might already know the answer, but I would like to hear your thought anyway.

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BlueJIN    3
2 hours ago, Kevin said:





  • 用户界面在摘要中的“ Grifts”屏幕上传递。现在,每个grift的各个阶段都归为一个小部件,并带有共享的进度条
  • 在“特权”屏幕上添加按钮以显示“烦恼”屏幕。将深层链接添加到《纲要》
  • 在Grifts纲要上添加了一个工具提示,因此您可以看到每个阶段的收益
  • Grifts纲要现在可以在游戏手柄上使用


  • 修复了每次寄生虫升级后菜鸟的健康都会下降的错误。
  • 清理shel遇到的选项图标
  • 修复了几次崩溃




After the update, there is still a BUG. The parasite card changed to deduct blood at night. Although this happened only one night, Luke with only 8 drops of health is still too uncomfortable.

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