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something to do with boats

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1. sometimes boats will move themselves. Sometimes we set kelp on the sea, or the kelp just occur. If we set some boats near them, they will stuck inside the boat sometimes when they are not in our eyesight. But this issue wouldn't cause this problem. When you set the lureplant nearby this kelp, the boat will start to move itself... and sometimes we'll set many spiderssacks near the edge of the boat. If you kill the spiders, sometimes drops will be stucked between the spiderssack and the drops are shaking on the spiderssack, but not stay still on the boats or on the sea.  When a silk or a monstermeat is stucked on the spidersack, the boat which is loaded with spidersack, will move itself too.

2. barnacle plant will be stucked in the boat and this boat will be trembling at a very high frequency.... I often plant barnacle in an area where there are many rocks on the sea. And I will set a road made of boats to these barnacles. but sometimes the boats will be too dense when I just set them. At first there are not problems except some noise of squeezing. But after many days, one boat will be moved and within it was one of the barnacle which was replanted by me...and this boat was shaking very frequently...  and when I tried to beat the anchor of this boat trying to make this boat ruined, it cause another problem, which is, I was sent to the another boat nearby this one, and the another boat I was standing on ,is shaking too!!! because it stuck with another barnacle... And worse, I couldn't get rid of these two boats...when I tried to move to another boat, I flashed back...many times. And when I try to rollback at that time, the game just crashed!!!!!!!


I hope you can try to fix these problems with boats. the bugs related  to the boats was just too many...The boats will stuck with kelp, barnacle,and even the rocks on the sea too...

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