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Maxwell's journal

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I am Maxwell, a demon who has discovered a mysterious island in a even more mysterious location, I planned to find the leader and take it over. the sight was magnificent, however, there was more to the island than I thought though the island was surrounded by water, past that was black nothingness, Along with the creatures. I thought that this would be an easy takeover, then night came, the darkness that the night brought was pitch black and I couldn't see through it, I then herd a loud, blood-curdling, screech coming out of the darkness all around me, and there was two eyes and a mouth with red, incredibly sharp teeth, (which I could assume they where stained with blood) in front of me. we had a little chat, the creature seemed to be surprised I could understand him, I tried to introduce myself but I was interrupted when it said "I don't care who you are, but what I do know, is that I shall discover the taste of your blood" after that, we where then in a long battle. over that time, we each got a sample of each others power, he saw me change the day into a long lasting night with ease and I saw him devour a whole pig village that I have thrown at him, houses and everything. After that battle, we finally then came to an agreement "you have a power unlike any other Iv'e met" he said "I am Grue" "and I am Maxwell, a demon" "I don't care what you are, other than my companion" "companion?" "well which is better, being my companion, or my food?" "I think I'd rather be a companion" "good choice" Grue then showed me to where he escapes when the day comes, it was a nasty place, it was dark and grey with scratches and rubble everywhere, so if I was to stay with him I'd might as well make myself at home. I changed the room into an elegant, fancy dorm, with a recliner facing a television that keeps track of the island Grue seemed to hate the lights that I placed and cowered in the corner where the only dark spot was. Seeing that light could kill the Grue, I created a dark shroud for him to be, he seemed to enjoy that, now there's a dark patch near my chair when I watched the island. I hired an assistant to help me, a spider warrior named Spidey. Once I got the place set up me and Grue talked about our battle "Grue, you seemed desperate to kill me, why is that?" I said "this island has been here longer than time, and all I have eaten are pigs, beefaloes, and whatever meat is on this island, I wanted to see what something else tasted like" I had an idea "as an exchange for letting me stay with you Grue, I'll tell you what, you might not taste my blood, but there's another that I can easily get for you, human" Grue seemed interested in that idea, so every night I would go to the mortal world and trick some moron to do something that would allow Grue to come and take them to the island for him to devour.Grue had a feast, and I did was send more and more people to the island, until one time I sent someone who then I would make a fatal mistake, I sent Wilson. Wilson was comedy gold for me and Grue, we watched him starve, panic, observe, and die. Me and Grue laughed and laughed at how Wilson reacted to everything "what's that bubbling in the ground by the swamp, it might be swamp gas or bacteria, or WHAT THE-?" he would say, until the time he died, we thought that such comedy couldn't be wasted, so I brought him back to life. Wilson survived for more and more days each time I brought him back, and each time he got less and less humorous, until one time, Wilson survived for more than 100 days, and then I decided, Wilson must die, and once when I was about to kill him using my power, I was stopped by some sort of ghost, he seemed to be the guardian of this island, "you do not belong here" he said "you cannot stop me" I said "I confronted a battle with the Grue!" "yes, and there was no winner," the ghost replied "the Grue also has a weakness," "what business do you have here guardian?" Grue said "I put the island here to keep you from killing any more human souls than before, Grue, and your companion has increased that number by many" it was true, Spidey informed me that Wilson was my 100th person I sent here "and now I shall stop that" he continued. the guardian shot a beam of light at me, causing us both to fall backwards, "it seems that I cannot rid you from this island, but what I did do, is restrict you from killing Wilson directly, and only that, to keep you from trying to kill Wilson, I shall accompany him by adding things that counteract whatever you put on" "who are you?" "I am Wendman." I have not been able to kill wilson directly, so I just let the monsters do the work, I also have been sending other people who may possibly kill him in the process, Willow, Wendy, and Wolfgang, I was running out of ideas, I was then searching the mortal realm myself with Grue to find people. Wendman wasn't kidding when he said about counteracting my additions, while I added Krampus, (who I was inspired by a book of mythology Grue coughed up from eating some student or someone) he added fire darts, while I added the spider queen he added the spider hat, and while I added spoilage he added the ice box. I managed to find an abandoned robot that hates living things called Wx-78, and a librarian named Wickerbottom who I just sent to the island because she was making a long and annoying lecture on how unusual it is to not have a pulse. I was becoming desperate, then I found this mime that I found out from a personality scanner I "borrowed" from Wilson (that was ment to see what new people can do) that his name is Wes, he can't talk, and he can't do anything. I sent him to the island along with some friends of grue called hallucinations to kill him and actually kill someone on the island that i have failed to do with Wilson, then, to my astonishment, Wilson made Wes survive, that was it, I will try all I can now to kill wilson and his friends, so long as my name is Maxwell.

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