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Suggestion: Tell players what graft is on the table in the quest of Plocka 'The Swab'

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AugustGreen    7

In Sal's campain near the end of Day 1 player gets to choose between 2 merchant's quests. In the one that Plocka 'The Swab' gives, player can extract a Graft from Civilian Heavy Laborer (earning that person's hate), negotiate (earning that person's love) or neither. In the past (on the main branch) I've always got for the Graft, as negotiations were almost too easy (on Prestige 7 anyway) and hate was very benefitial thing (possile negotiation and battle in the future). However, lately I started playing on experemental branch, where battles and negotiations are significantly harder in the erly game (what, with opponents with around 40 resolve on the first day). So being hated or not is much more difficult desision (wich I like), because in one of my previous runs I gained 'Bad Rumors' from Eriba (iirc) that stuck to me for the rest of the campain. That made my negotiations so much harder, that I desperately tried to find her (and kill) but couldn't. And for all that I was offered a Graft that I replaced almost immidiatly. I mean, I fairly certain you can only get common Grafts from that quest, but some are still better than others. So it would be gteat to know, wich one is on the table. Otherwise I think getting hate on Day 1 is too much of a drowback, and that essentially takes the choice away from me.

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