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*crashes* Game freezes; shows error message

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Category: Crashea

Platform: Switch 

Version: Reign of Giants

Mods Used: None

Issue: Game freezes whenever I walk to one specific spot on the map. As soon as I reach that point, the game will freeze, and I lose all progress making the game unplayable. Afterward, a message is shown; I've included a screenshot of that message. 


I would also like to add that this is not the only issue for the Switch version of the game. Thermal stones are buggy, seasonal bosses will fail to spawn, hounds will not become larger in size (day 500 and only one hound spawns at a time), seasons do not occur as they should, etc. Yes, there are more bugs. The switch version is in serious need of patching. Why sell a game that is literally unplayable? Please, do something about it. 


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