Oxygen Not Included DLC Roadmap July 2020

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r4tch3t    2
On 12/4/2020 at 2:12 PM, Alpe12 said:



Optimize building ladders straight up/down.
It takes way too long, as dupes only build one ladder, goes to do other stuff, and comes back later to build another.

If you build from local material it works most of the time. it's usually either that the resources are further away than another job they could do or another dupe got the assignment to deliver the next batch of material when the first was busy building the last section.

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2tallyGr8    78
36 minutes ago, cpy said:

Is supercoolant in game again?

Yes, it was recently added. Graphite is used to make fullerene, from what I understand.

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babba    1178
On 7/4/2020 at 12:25 AM, pacovf said:

I hope this also comes with a rework of how asteroid surface works. The way to handle meteor showers for scanners/telescopes/rockets is really awkward and unintuitive right now.

I spoke with dupe Nr. 105, deep digger Borowetshowitch Dipshiwashtishik. He said he is hoping for meteor rain someday. Very sad he felt saying that the last season of Regolith ended many cycles ago due to global DLC WARMING. The only man which can bring meteor rain back (+fallout) is Papa Klei Smurf from the coding band of brothers. Hail the holy Kleisino! 

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