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I know that this could be imposible to do because of licences and some legal problems that could arrise but making a workshop for the game would be awesome. A lot of people could just share their ideas and concepts like new skins or even gameplay modification. In response to what's the difference between "chesse" and "cheating" it doesn't matter, you just have to enjoy while playing without teassing others. 


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Wait, you...honestly didn't know?  Well maybe you're on console, where there _isn't_ a whole multiple-years-old workshop full of mods already.  DST had people already modding it when it first existed in even early beta.  One of the mods I'm using right now, in fact, was made in 2014!  ("Evergreens 2gether", in case anyone's wondering.)  DST didn't come _officially_ online until 2016, so...yeah.

But, yeah...TONS of people are way way way ahead of you with the "even gameplay modifications"! idea.  Whether each individual mod counts as cheese vs. cheating is up to the player, but for me I tend to only like character mods if they're lore-friendly (fit into the DS/T universe writing-wise), balanced, and in the same art style, and like my other mods to be decorative only (like making pig houses come in different colours, for example), give a _little_ advantage that doesn't matter that much (Cherry Forest, Pickle It!), or make things harder (Thirst, Actual Season Randomizer).

If you can, look up stuff on the actual workshop but be warned!  it's HUUUUUUUGGGEEEE.  You could be stuck looking at it for a while...


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