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PhoeniX19922    87

Hi Again, just giving one small suggestion :)

Im mostly all the time playing solo where I have 5K+ days survived and rarely play with my friends, mostly because solo is easier to keep everything in control.

Clops and hounds will only spawn on me, so I dont have to worry about others if they have left the base or not...  Now lately when I built more than a half of the map I'm starting to use Telelocator staff to get out of base quickly. While I'm playing DST I'm always listening music in youtube and most of the times the warning of the hounds and deerclops are little bit too late (specialy deerclops), many times deerclops has spawned in my base before im able to find a safe place. Hounds not a big problem if not fire ones, but still I have atleast 9 tooth trap areas around the world. As a solo player, I cant use The Lazy Deserter and I have tons of sand stones in my chests (and so much more bundled), sadly there is no use of them for me :( In future updates I'll be happy if you add more uses of sand stones!

Now to the Point!

My suggestion is, you can give The Lazy Deserter sand stones (It has 4 inventory slots where you can store up to 40 max desert stones).

Each sand stone in inventory lasts for one day. While there is a sand stone on deserter's inventory it stays activated and everyone can use sand stone (in players inventory) to teleport to closest activated Lazy Deserter :) Ofc this will need downside, maybe players lose half of the sanity!?

Hope you all Like my suggestion :)

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