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XBOX HAMLET. Loading into world bug/crashing


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I have lost 2 day 100+ and one day 231 just now I am just unmotivated to play now. Xbox hamlet is just not letting me in the games randomly. At first it would not let me travel worlds into a “room” like a house or caves. I had skyworthy in aporkalypse calander room and would crash a few times switching worlds then one time never let me back in world. I tried loading over 50 times. Then next world I have no idea why I went to get drink came back n file was corrupt same as first. Next play through I am thinking of not linking worlds maybe that is messing it up? Because one error that happened to show only ONCE was out of memory error. So I stayed in hamlet n made it to day 231 before going to bed then waking up and won’t let me in the game again. Tried so many times. I can’t bring myself to keep restarting over n over u will lose a dedicated player here if this is not fixed I love don’t starve please fix. 

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