Salt Crystals weaken Snurtles and Slurtles [Suggestion]

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Hornete    4116
Just now, Sunset Skye said:

A friend of mine had an idea once that feeding Slurtles salt could kill them and, since you didn't bash them in any way, always give a full shell rather than broken shells. I like that a lot.

That would be amazing! I know I would be going to the caves straight away with salt in my inventory after exploring the ocean. This would make Shelmets so much more viable to gather and use.

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shadowDigga    729

I don't think snurtles/slurtles would be unwise enough to consume salt. However, making salt be able to work like fire damage (damaging by being in proximity) would've been great - first you'd make a snurtle/slurtle hide in its shell to prevent it from moving away from salt damage then watch it die as continuous salt damage prevents it from going back from hiding to move away from it. Cheap and efficient way + you can reuse salt indefinitely and drop several salt crystals to stack damage. Also, by the way, the shells snurtles and slurtles hide in blocks fire damage in addition to physical damage, unlike the armor you get from them. So, kinda fair to have an alternative to fire damage to kill them indirectly.

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