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Deerclops Mika

Some in-game buttons do not work in the game.

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Deerclops Mika    284

Some in-game buttons do not work in the game. For example, the "I understand" button that appears when loading mods. After deleting all the mods, I noticed that I can’t delete the world or click on the cancel button, click on view mods, click on the "options", "exit", "forum", "newsletter". In the game, the character sometimes goes from the object that I click on, and the buttons down "s", to the right is "d" also do not work. When the game stops, the buttons do not work. 

When checking the integrity of files in steam, I get a message that everything is in order. I also tried to uninstall and then download the game again, but the error returned. 

I play on Windows 10, buy the game on steam with DLC RoG, Shipwrect and Hamlet

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