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D&D storytime

Blue Moth

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This is just a place to tell about funny or interesting experiences in Dungeons & Dragons.

And now, the story of the death of Galladin Elmwhisper, which is quite possibly the dumbest death in D&D history.

(background information: We were playing in the official Tomb of Annihilation campaign. We were all level 9, and my character, Galladin, was a druid)

We were inside the Tomb of the Nine Gods, and there was a room and the only way in was by entering a trapped door that would snap on you if you tried to enter. So, I thought, "Hey, if I turned into a fly, I could fly in undetected," so I turned into a fly and flew in successfully. Then, I see some little holes in the floor, so I flew in to investigate.

Turned out, those holes were actually spider dens.

DM: "You fly into the hold and look around, when suddenly, a horde of spiders surrounds you."

so, I rolled to try to escape, and I think I rolled like, an 8, so yeah, i failed.

"As the Spiders suck the life out of you, you revert to your true form, but since you are inside a tiny hole, your body explodes under the pressure."

and in a normal campaign, the cleric could just slap a revivify on me, but in this campaign, there's this curse that stops that from happening, so Galladin is gone forever.

And that's my dumbest death in Dungeons and Dragons, and possibly the dumbest death in the history of the game, I hope you enjoyed my story and I'd like to hear any stories you have.


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I think my favorite D&D moment so far was when I was also playing a Tomb of Annihilation campaign with some buddies.

I was playing as a Triton Druid named Nereus who had an odd fixation on crabs. So almost every time he would use Wild Shape, it would be a crab, or similar crustacean.

Anyway, Nereus got kidnapped and held prisoner at the top of a Pterafolk-ridden Firefinger. So naturally, he turned into a small crab and snuck out after a few successful sneak rolls.

My favorite moment of that however, was when Nereus came face-to-face with a newly-hatched baby Pterafolk, standing in between him and freedom. So naturally, Nereus rolled to intimidate in his little crab state.

Nat 20.


After performing the rave of an absolute lifetime, the baby Pterafolk passed out from sheer excitement, and Nereus got out scot-free after meeting up with the rest of his party who had come to save him.

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