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don't starve together swaggersouls character mod HELP!

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hey all!

my name is neo and i'm looking for anybody at lease adequately informed in coding dst to help me with my character mod!

i have all sprites and artwork done, but coding is a struggle for me and i need some help!

here is what i need fixed/done

  • when near butterflies, swagger's sanity should go up moderately fast (like how being around some hostiles will drain sanity instead) 
  • he has a helmet that he should start with in his inventory. it has infinite durability and heightens sanity twice as slow as a garland. doesn't provide any protection, pretty much a fancy garland that lasts forever! i don't know how to implement it, and you can see my struggle to do that in the coding :,)
  • when he drops his helmet, his sanity goes down very slowly
  • the helmet when dropped should have an icon on the map (i have the artwork done in the files but don't know how to implement it.)
  • some images don't show up properly in game, notably the golden swagger name files, normal name files, and mod icon

the script is something i'm still working on, most of the lines are still wilson's just because i want to complete the coding & artwork first.

if you want the mod file, leave a reply or message me!

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