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Mike23Ua    7075

Well with the forum going mostly crazy with character rework suggestion threads, And with me being bored out of my mind with nothing to do except wait for my Xbox to finish installing the various updates it’s going through...

I have decided to do something different & make a new biome suggestion for DST, this Biome is in the ocean at Sea.. And reintroduces... Shipwrecked Mob-

The Stink Ray.

Okay so here’s the gist of everything- I’m playing the newly released Hamlet DLC on Xbox One, and in Hamlet there are biomes that are hazardous to step foot in due to the air being highly toxic... I loved this and want it in DST ASAP...

This is where Stink Ray come in.. When a chunk of the moon crashed into the Oceans Stink Ray began to evolve and Mutate from the moons energy, their body now glistening with Shattered shards emerging out of them, and their gas has become highly highly toxic, Stink Ray populate this area so much that the entire biome is filled with a Lime green Erie ghost-like foggy acid cloud hovering overhead, Sea Barnacles.. Stink Ray, Corroded down pirate ships, hidden treasures, limpets can all be found within this biome, But there’s a catch.... 

Just like playing Hamlet, you need protective clothing to traverse through the toxic biome, and your boat will very slowly start to corrode over time, needing occasional repair patches to continue traversing through the intoxicated gassed out waters, there’s no telling what else is in this ghostly fog.. but the newly mutated Shattered Lunar Stink Rays dominate this area, you stand higher odds of finding sunken treasure in this biome due to all the fallen ships who attempt to pass through it’s waters but never made it back out.. 

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