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Hekateras    384

I finally checked out Griftlands when it came out on Steam and I love it. I've already seen some mods in the forum, but I gotta, ask, is official mod support planned for this game? I would LOVE for this to be implemented. Some things it would be great to have mod support and/or mod API for:

- Custom NPCs and enemies

- Custom cards

- Custom quests

- Perhaps even custom main characters with custom arcs? (It would be a lot of work for a mod, but hey, if someone wanted to hypothetically create a story-rich Invisible Inc x Griftlands crossover, they COULD.... hypothetically...)

- Should go without saying, but a way of making new graphic assets (even if it's just by reskinning vanilla ones) is a must. I notice the game seems to use the same atlas tex and build system as Don't Starve, has anyone already tried using e.g. Matt's Tex Tools with them? I suppose I'll give it a try and report back.

EDIT: Literally just found this thread like five seconds after posting this.


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