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Question: Map Size & Inclusion of Other Areas

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mathem99    1763

Hello, I recently bought Griftlands and I am loving the game so far.

I made this thread asking about the word's size and if it gets bigger as you progress. Will new territory be introduced further in development or is there ACTUALLY another area already available (further in the story) for Players to explore?

I started my first run as Sal in this world: (I hid it because I don't know if Players who haven't bought it yet want to see the map)



I was a bit concerned thinking that this is the entirety of the Griftlands world, but I didn't want to jump to conclusions. So I'm here asking either the community who've played this game for a lot more hours than me, or a Developer if there are other areas to explore / new areas will be introduced in the future, or if each of the three characters gets a unique world of their own. Thank-you.

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TF3    192

Rook's campaign takes place in a completely separate map. There are a couple of random events that give you access to new permanent nodes to visit whenever, similar to the Grog'n Dog, but other than that all nodes are dependent on what missions you choose to go to. You can't leave the map in each campaign.

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